Welcome to First Choice Chairs, since 1989 we have quickly become one of the industry leaders of Metal Stacking Chairs. Our business philosophy is Quality, Service, Dependability and Price.

Stacking Chairs

C29 | Richmond Stacking Chair

C25 | Maidstone Stacking Chair

C27 | Harrington Stacking Chair

C32 | Dryden Stacking Chair

C26 | Bedford Stacking Chair

C30 | Queenston Stacking Chair

C28 | Burlington Stacking Chair

C28A | Burlington Stacking Chair w/ Arms

C33 | Steinbach Stacking Chair

C34 | Windsor Stacking Chair

C37 | Dorval Stacking Chair

C38 | KendraStacking Chair

C39 | Summerside Stacking Chair

Church Chairs

C50 | Thompson Church Chair

C51 | Bathurst Church Chair

C51A | Bathurst Church Chair w/ Arms

C52 | Claremont Church Chair

Bistro Chairs & Restaurant Chairs

C81 | Brant Bistro/Restuarant Chair

C83 | Hudson Bistro/Restuarant Chair

C48 | Cambridge Bistro/Restuarant Chair

C71 | Ashworth Bistro/Restuarant Chair

C72 | Yorkton Bistro/Restuarant Chair

C73 | Sutton Bistro/Restuarant Chair

C74 | Carlyle Bistro/Restuarant Chair

C84 | Alliston Bistro/Restuarant Chair

Bar Stools

B72 | Radiant Bar Stool

B71 | Dexter Bar Stool

B84 | Hampton Bar Stool

B81 | Maple Bar Stool

B28 | Erindale Bar Stool

B48 | Barrington Bar Stool

B71A | Dexter Bar Stool w/ Arms

B40 | Canning Bar Stool


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